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Fashion Styling that gives you the 1-to-1 support to always find your perfect fit!

Welcome to My Fashion Support
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Strength in style and fit.

gain expert styling techniques to take your wardrobe to new heights.


Join us to elevate your style with stylist that understands, uplifts, & Educates.

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An Outsider
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About MY Fashion Support

Welcome to My Fashion Support, I'm Sheanneen Shelby, your guide on this transformative journey.

In my decade-long career as a fashion stylist, I've had the privilege of styling thousands of individuals. One of the most eye-opening revelations?


Every single person, regardless of their appearance, has some level of difficulty finding clothing that honors their own unique proportions.  This is one of the key 

At My Fashion Support, in 1-1 sessions I provide clients with tools to find the perfect fit anywhere and define beauty on their own terms. Tools drawn from my diverse background in fashion—spanning sales, marketing, visual merchandising, fashion design, and styling—to provide valuable insights and support.

But my journey hasn't been without its struggles. From battling epilepsy triggered by calorie deprivation to founding my own fashion company amidst adversity, I understand firsthand the complex relationship between body image and self-expression.

This journey is highlighted here in an article by The Ohio State University.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, a vibrant fashion hub ranked third in designers nationwide, My Fashion Support is more than just a tool for styling—it's a movement. Here, in the heart of the Midwest, we challenge stereotypes and celebrate diversity in all its forms.

In our sessions, you'll learn the art of self-expression through style, from mastering color analysis to understanding your unique proportions. With our guidance and the support of your peers, you'll navigate the fashion world with confidence, leaving behind the frustrations of ill-fitting clothes and endless shopping woes.

But beyond fashion, My Fashion Support is all about feeling confident in every garment you own with every step you take. Together, we'll redefine beauty, one flawless fit at a time, which will also save you money.

Join me on this empowering journey. Together, we'll discover that you are not only enough—you are everything you aspire to be and more.

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